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Transparent Universes

"...Never-before heard transparent sonorities..."

Nino Bianchi
Rome 2013

Spinning Around Our Star

"...The piano in the recording is a Fazioli F-308. And the recording takes place in a small, irregular hexagonal room. He first uses an ATR 102 to record on one inch analog tape at 30ips and then converted at 24/192 with a Weiss ADC2. As we can tell, there is a stereo pair of microphones that pick up the sound near the piano. Therefore, the sound image is great and well-formed; the tone quality is fine and delicate; the tone color is vivid and colorful. The music sounds are realistic and alive. Although it is a recording of merely two instruments, the harpsichord and the piano, you can experience its magic and charm better with a better audio system. In other words, you have a better chance to enter “the magnetic realm,” in Michele Tucci’s words. Trust me, this is a wonderful and moving album that you never want to miss."

AUDIO ART Magazine- # 274
Editor's CD
Huang Ku-Kuang
(Taiwan, Summer 2011 - Translated from Chinese)

"...This is amazing. This CD sounds SO GOOD. Your playing is so articulate and passionate.  The recording sounds like the piano should sound.  It sounds like a piano in front of me, NOT a recording. WOW! I am so happy that you recorded direct to the 1 inch 2 track on our tape. This is a proud moment in my career to hear such artistic beauty.

Mike Spitz
ATR Magnetics
York, Pennsylvania, 2010

...lo trovo meraviglioso!!!
Le composizioni sono splendide!!!!
Parlano di universi nuovi mai esplorati finora,
ben scritti e sontuosamente suonati.
Questo e' un CD che mi terra' molta compagnia come sta facendo adesso.
E' molto molto profondo nella sua apparente semplicita',
parla dell'essere e al contempo del divenire.
E' travolgente.

...I find it wonderful!!!
The compositions are splendid!!!!
They speak of new universes never explored until now,
well written and sumptuously played.
This is a CD that will give me much company as it is doing right now.
It is very very deep in its apparent simplicity,
it speaks of being and at the same time of becoming.
It's overwhelming.

Andrea Morricone
Los Angeles 2010

Blue Eyes Moon

"Hearing it through our reference system, the piano does not only sound extremely lifelike, it IS extremely lifelike! The dynamics and lack of distortion gives one the impression that they are sitting right beside the pianist. Listening to this wonderful instrument in such an intimate fashion is a rare treat that very few people are able to experience live. To experience it being reproduced in your own room is truly remarkable. The harpsichord is also portrayed with a sweet musicality that is unique in my experience. The harsh brittle nature that is typical of many harpsichord recordings has been magically removed and once again the live instrument has been transported right into the listener's room. I played the recording for my cousins, who have front row season seats at Disney Hall in Los Angeles. They were excited and amazed, and they told me that this was the most remarkable recording they have ever heard. Kudos to the people at EM Productions and Oreobambo for a job extremely well done. I am eagerly looking forward to experiencing more of their recordings in the near future."

Jerry Axelrod
Systems Design Group
Redondo Beach, California, 2008

"The sonority of the piano is magnificent."

Andrea Di Maio
Master Harpsichord Maker
Italy 2008

"...Oreobambo’s recording is excellent, it really deserves the title, ‘King of Piano Recordings’. If you really want to appreciate the sound of Blue Eyes Moon, it is better to prepare yourself with big floor standing loudspeakers, or a subwoofer system, or simply four speakers: only then will you be able to fully experience the beauty of this album. Do you think I’m exaggerating? Not at all!.."
"...You don’t think that the quality of the Blue Eyes Moon recording is exquisite? You don’t think the sound of the lower keys is shocking? Are you hearing muddied lower tones and you don’t have the sensation of palpitations produced by the clear vibration of the strings? If this is the case, then you have found the reason to replace your stereo!..."

AUDIO ART Magazine
(Taiwan, June 2012 - Translated from Chinese)

Energy Journeys

This is a beautifully produced 3 disk set of original music by the master musician/composer. On disk 2, track 3, is approximately 5 minutes of nothing but the sound of the harp I built for Oreobambo, recorded on the Aeolian Islands, with the sound of the surf pounding on the rocks in the background. The harp obviously performed beautifully, and the track is 5 minutes of pure magic. I find it hard to express the joy and pride I feel in the knowledge that I had some small part in the creation of this wonderful composition of beautifully ethereal music. My most heartfelt congratulations go out to Oreobambo and all the other talented musicians who put this wonderful composition together".

Robert Corrigan
Master Aeolian Harp Maker
East-Woods Products
Edgewood, New Mexico, 2007

Photograph ©2008 Oreobambo


Erik Satie
PremiŹre Gymnopédie

Performed by Margaret Penn.
Concert Grand Piano Fazioli F308

ColourfulTone® Mastering 2009

Copyright ©2009 Oreobambo
All Rights Reserved.

EM Productions 2009

file from 24/96 digital file


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